Reawakening from the Inside Out with Animals In Our Lives By Carol Schultz, Animal Communicator

By Carol Schultz, Animal Communicator
and Founder/Managing Director of Animal Spirit Healing & Education® Network,

Learning animal communication can be quite an adventure.  It certainly was for me when it first consciously entered my life more than 10 years ago.  Up to that point, I had no clue what it was, or anything about it.  This is the case for most adults.  Telepathically talking and interacting with animals is simply not a “normal” and commonly discussed part of our human existence and experience.   It becomes a reawakening.

The reality is that telepathic animal communication is happening all of the time, whether we pay attention and acknowledge it to be so, or not.  It’s happening between us and our animals, and between the animals, including between species.  Upon reflection of experiences and circumstances throughout one’s life, and interactions with animals, most newly aware of this concept will attest to the fact that once, or even twice, they thought they received “something”.  They may recall receiving a message, a short word, an impression, a gut feeling, or a picture in one’s mind, which seemed to have come from the heart and mind of a beloved animal companion.  Or maybe the impression came from a casual encounter with a wild animal who just happened to cross their path, and encouraged them to stop and take notice, even for a moment.  Or maybe someone has always felt or begins to develop a very strong affinity with characteristics of a wild animal, and ends up surrounding themselves with pictures and representations of this particular kindred spirit.

Disney has done well to help our children continue to perceive that animals can talk and share in ways which are most often considered human forms of thinking and expression.  In our consciousness it has kept the door open to the possibilities.   For me, it is always an honor to meet those (humans) who have held onto this gift of telepathy with the animals through their growing up years, especially the challenging patches of adolescence.  They can readily and openly sense what the animals are thinking and feeling, without needing to go back through the remembering and retraining process to do so.

For those of us who do in fact need either a little, (or like me a notably large), nudge to help remember, it is a discovery process of great adventure and wonderment.  This path of reconnection seems to open our minds, unveiling a few additional mysteries of the universe, and how it seems to work beautifully as an interconnected network of souls and energies.  Moving from our left brain and thinking head, gradually into a space of feeling and sensing from our own heart and heightened intuition, we can become fully aware that we and the animals are all much more than what meets the physical eye.

Moving beyond the physical form and body language of how animals contribute to our lives, into the energy, emotion, and deeper level of who animals are and how they interact with us, can be very healing and re-assuring to our souls.  Through animal communication, we can begin to reawaken for ourselves, through direct experience, that what we intuitively have felt to be the case, (although not normally openly discussed in our culture), is really there for us at all times.  It’s simply broadcasting on a different brain wave or frequency channel, like turning a radio dial and tuning into a different station.  We dial from our “active mind” Beta and Gamma brain wave channels, and shift to connect instead to our more meditative and intuitive Alpha and Theta brain wave channels.   The animals are already there on those Alpha and Theta wave channels, waiting for us.

Repeatedly I see students and clients become more alive and re-energized, simply by acknowledging that the animals around them have thoughts and feelings, too.  As we share our living spaces and this Earth with the animals, we can each become more healed and open to the possibilities of what it would be like if we could all telepathically “talk” this way with each other.  Imagine what a difference there might be if we could consistently connect with open hearts and minds, and let go of all of the concerns and trappings of what it often means to be humans, and the chaos we see.


January 4, 2014