Human Trafficking seems far removed from reflexology


Human Trafficking


seems far removed from reflexology, but recent finding are that that isn’t the case. Primarily on the West Coast, at this time, human trafficking is gaining ground under the cover of massage, and in some cases reflexology as well.

RAA and ARCB, in coordination with state reflexology associations have made headway in legalizing reflexology across the country. We don’t want reflexology to be lumped in with illicit bodywork businesses. A strong voice must be heard regarding our position in this matter.

Publicly stating reflexology’s position gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the unity of our field and the professionalism with which we want to be viewed.

RAA and ARCB have produced a joint brochure that provides details on how to identify a legitimate reflexology practice, professional reflexologist, etc. You can download FREE copies of the brochure from the home page on the RAA website. Look under the ‘Brochures’ section (right side of the page).

The brochure contains some great verbiage on the “legitimate” practitioner. You may want to use some of this information in your own business bro-chures, newsletters or public speaking.

You may be reluctant to mention Human Trafficking to your clients, unless you’re in an area where this is happening – but – should they say anything to you, you’ll have the right information at your fingertips to show them.

January 4, 2014