How Can YOU Help Your Association?

∗ Membership – encouraging and inviting individuals to become members

∗ Write or search for articles for the newsletter

∗ Contact companies to obtain discounts

(i.e. Staples, Office Max, Massage Supply stores, etc.)

∗ Assist in coordinating or participating in

special events, Expo,  etc.

∗ Speak at schools to recruit members

∗ Serve on a committee

∗ Sponsor a state meeting in your area

(can be held at the library, office, etc.)


∗ Speak at one of our RAI state meetings or

assist in identifying potential speakers for state meetings

∗ Research potential events where RAI could sponsor a booth to educate others about Reflexology

∗ Sponsor a Regional meeting in your area (this is not a state meeting, but could be an informal gathering of Reflexologist in your area to trade, network, etc.)

Put your foot forward and give us a call. We’ll help match your free time to the tasks that will work best for you, and benefit RAI.


January 4, 2014