Hand vs. Feet Reflexology & More…

It is the opinion of some experienced reflexologists that foot reflexology brings better results than working on the hands.

Perhaps those opinions are keeping us from embracing hand reflexology as worthy and deserving in our search for a new ‘toolbox’ skill.

Let’s take another look.

The anatomy of the hand is very different from that of the foot. Almost half of the full length of the hand is occupied by fingers, whereas in the foot, only about 1/6th of the total length is occupied by toes. Because of this, reflexes below the shoulder line are compressed and accommodated in a comparatively smaller area in the hand . The reverse is true on the foot with reflexes compressed above the shoulder line.

Based on the difference of physical structure, we can come to a conclusion that:

1. Neck and shoulder reflexes are be more easily ad-dressed via the hands

2. Reflexes below the shoulder line are more easily addressed via the feet


1. The hands are located closer to our upper torso, encompassing shoulders and head.

2. Feet are located in our lower torso and reflect the body from the shoulder down in a greater degree.

And….. What about Ear Reflexology (auricular therapy- which, by the way, is accepted by western medicine). Each reflex point is represented by both a number and an auricular zone location. Treatment plans are listed for over 250 medical conditions. Hmmm.

or Face reflexology.???

Will we prove, in time, that every cell in our body con-tains a map of our body?

What does this all mean?

It COULD mean that our skills should include most or all of the above. Imagine the extra benefits that each would bring to our toolbox AND ultimately to our clients.

January 4, 2014