Gentle Touch for Babies – by Sue Ricks

Reflexology can have countless benefits for people of any age.

We have long recognized the benefits of reflexology for

adults, and it is delightful that the benefits of this marvelous

therapy are now being recognized for the younger generations

too. People are beginning to use reflexology to support both

themselves and their own children, by continuing to seek the

help and assistance of qualified practitioners. We are never

too young to receive reflexology and sometimes the simplest

of techniques can have the most wide-ranging benefits. Babies

can respond to the tiny touches of reflexology and be assisted towards overcoming common childhood ailments such

as colic, sleeplessness, crying, reflux and so much more.

A baby’s foot can be so tiny that it can be hard to imagine how one can do the techniques on such a tiny masterpiece. A

reflexologists thumb can be almost as large as a whole foot of the tiny infant! A gentle and sensitive approach to such a

tiny person via their feet can have magical benefits. I’ve witnessed numerous cases where there is a seemingly wonderful

transformation with irritable, distressed and unhappy babies into calm, comfortable and happy infants.

One of the most overlooked and yet beneficial techniques is the simple “heel hold”. Gently cradling the heels of a tiny baby

can be very soothing for them. Some children though, have been through extensive medical interventions which have often

been carried out though their feet and therefore these children may have gained a negative association with people touching

their feet. It’s in these cases where it is ideal to use hand reflexology. Both hand and foot reflexology can bring rapid

relief and results.

Fortunately reflexology is gaining increasing recognition and beginning to be used in a wider variety of settings. On teaching

health professionals within a Children’s Hospital it became immediately evident to me that this is another area where

the impact can be invaluable. The results on major, chronic and acute conditions are being collated.

As reflexologists we can teach parents how to soothe their children and we can also provide full treatments as necessary.

It’s incredibly rewarding to hear parents talking about how a treatment has eased their child’s colic or helped them

to have full and restful sleep. Luckily, working with children, (from tiny babies though to teenagers) can involve using

some simple and effective techniques that are most enjoyable and effective to do. I use Gentle Touch Reflexology to work

lightly and sensitively with all children. I know that sometimes the techniques look incredibly simple and yet the effect can

be deeply powerful.

If you’re fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a baby or child (and have permission from the parent/ carer), start

with a very light touch whilst holding their heels. It is also be helpful to link their energy systems and chakras. Gently

place your thumb or forefinger on the top of their big toe (crown chakra) and your forefinger of the other hand on the reflex

area near the coccyx (base chakra). Babies and children so energetic (their energy is light and pure) and so a very

light and gentle touch is the most appropriate. Linking the top and the bottom of their foot (as described above) is the beginning

of a chakra balance using the Crown and Base chakras to begin the process.

As we open up the opportunities for our next generations to experience the benefits of reflexology, we are in effect, welcoming

them to the world of reflexology for the whole of the rest of their lives.

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January 4, 2014