, A Unique Blend of Chinese Medicine and Western Reflexology Practice for Better Health and Healing.

Author is Inge Dougans,

2006,Published by Marlowe and Company. ISBN 1-56924-289-5, ISBN -13: 978-1-56924-289-6 , retail price $17.95 softcover.

My initial interest in this book was to read it and take a CEU test to earn 12 credits. I knew a little about meridians and a moderate amount about re-flexology. It piqued my interest in both areas. Ms. Dougans thoroughly explains the history of reflexol-ogy and gave me a clearer understanding of tradi-tional chinese medicine (TCM). The meridians are pathways through which universal energy circulates throughout the body.

This energy is called Chi or QI and the aim of TCM is to cultivate the Chi. I did read the book twice in order to set a clearer picture in my mind of when I am working a reflex system I am also affecting the energy along the meridians. Each meridian is named after the organ in which it originates in contrast to working the systems ( i.e., nervous, lymphatic etc.) in reflexology. One interesting idea that Ms. Dougans puts forth is why foot reflexology seems to be more powerful than hand reflexology, her answer is that the meridians that penetrate major organs begin or end in the toes. The Chi along those meridi-ans would be better able to unify and cultivate more chi in the body because of the foot reflexology working on or near the meridians.

A substantial amount of the book discusses The Five Elements which are created due to the interaction between yin and yang. The Five elements are con-sidered to be the behavior of Chi within five specific cycles – the cycles and names are Birth (Wood), Adulthood (Fire), Maturity (Earth), Aging ( Metal) and Dying (Water). This part of the book was inter-esting however, I would need to devote more time reading and studying to have a working knowledge of TCM.

If you are looking for a text that incorporates TCM and reflexology I think THE NEW REFLEXOLO-GY by Inge Dougans is worth the cost. It would be good to refer to when you have questions about Chi, Meridians, Yin/Yang and the 5 Elements.


Review by Jan Deutsch, NBCR


January 4, 2014