So Much More Than Just A Foot Massage

January 4, 2014

The benefits of reflexology are now being confirmed by scientific research.

SIX Good (MAYBE) Reasons to Offer Shorter Appointment Times

Session/treatment length tends to be a legacy issue, not some-thing we’re giving lot of conscious thought to. You open your doors and do what you did in school, or copy another practice, and it pretty much stays that way. Most practices have 2-3 different menu options, based on time. And they never change. Could some of the sessions be too long – or could a shorter option be put on the table?

S t o r y , A n y o n e ?

Do you have a story to tell regarding Reflexology?

How Can YOU Help Your Association?

We thought you would say that, so we’ve come up with some simple ways that you can volunteer without spending a lot of time.

Duties of the Reflexology Association of Illinois Board of Directors

The following is an excerpt from the RAI bylaws. It states the duties and function of the associations board of directors.

Reawakening from the Inside Out with Animals In Our Lives By Carol Schultz, Animal Communicator

Moving beyond the physical form and body language of how animals contribute to our lives, into the energy, emotion, and deeper level of who animals are and how they interact with us, can be very healing and re-assuring to our souls.

My feet? What about them? submitted by Stephanie Adamson

I’ve always been selective when it comes to buying shoes, and after researching for this article, I am certainly happy for that trait. I am also looking forward to staying up on current research regarding footwear and foot health.

Mentoring for Reflexologists

Linda Chollar is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Reflexologist, Educator and Mentor who has helped thousands of people find renewed health and pain-free living with healing touch and coaching them to choose a path of wellness. Her mission is to share the power of the body/mind/spirit connection, healing touch and a holistic and conscious lifestyle.

RAI Members receive a 10% discount

Dancing Hearts Holistic Learning center

RAI Members Get 10% discount

The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center

Breast cancer patients test reflexology

North Shore participates in national study
By Lisa Black | Tribune reporter
February 11, 2009


Although Kinesiology, known also as the ‘science of motion’, has been around for a very long time, there has been much more awareness of this highly effective technique since its reintroduction in the 1950’s. It is has been developed into what it is today by acupuncturists, neurobiologists, homeopaths as well as other natural health specialists.